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3 videos types every startup should have

For a startup business, you often have your hands tied as the budget you have to produce a video is not a considerably huge amount. Hence you might have to sacrifice some parts of the production in order to maximize the overall quality. It sounds counterintuitive, but we’re all trying our best to work with our limitations. Consequently, there will be choices that we have to make, one of which is what type of video should the business make first?

The answer to that question is pretty simple actually. We focus on the videos that have the biggest potential impact in the long-term. Every other kind of video that does not fulfill this criterion will be benched for the time being. We have narrowed this long list of types of videos into just 3 that we think is the most suitable for your startup.

Product explainer videos

If you can make just one video for the entire year, let a product explainer video be that video. This explainer video is the video that should answer all the questions that your audience may have. Including those that go something like this: “Is this company even legit?” “What the heck do they even do?” You never want to have to hear those questions as a business owner and using an explainer video to clear up all the doubts your customers may have is one of the best methods for this issue.

The theme of this article is making choices on a tight budget. In this case, you don’t have to make the best-looking explainer video with expensive effects. Try making a video that is a little more DIY and one that shows that your brand is a human brand rather than a corporate that has no emotions. It is more important to have a video that showcases this fact than it is to make that shiny video. You can always make another video to replace this one once you’re more established on the finance side.

A tip that we always give our clients is to not focus on the features of their products. Always focus on what the business is about and what problems are they trying to solve. Your potential clients initially have that curiosity about your company because they have something they need help with. Target that and tell them exactly how what you do can make their lives easier.

Customer testimonial videos

Collecting testimonials is actually really hard as one needs to shamelessly ask for those reviews. Not just that, some of us are just naturally not as comfortable asking somebody else to do something for us. However, what’s best about testimonial videos is that you only need one or two customers who are really satisfied with what they have gotten, and that will make a lot of difference in your brand.

When you’re still at the stage of deciding who to pick for that testimonial video, think along the lines of who your ideal customers are. That’s because when your ideal customer is satisfied with your product/service, the ones that are still contemplating whether or not to interact with your brand can easily relate. Not just that, but when your customers come in for that shoot, they don’t even need to act. And that authenticity will shine through the lenses to the screens more than you might think.

Although imperfect testimonials are what’s actually perfect, here are some tips when making a testimonial video:

Unrehearsed and unscripted 

  • Give your interviewees an idea of what they’ll talk about while still aiming for spontaneity and natural responses.
  • Keep it light and comfortable, that’s how you can bring out the most conversational side from your subject.

Bloopers and b-roll 

  • Have at least one video capturing the behind-the-scenes of the shoot and leave the main camera on for most parts of the shoot. That’s because including the tiny screw-up moments and laughter can make your video seem a lot more cohesive.

Company video

Every single company was built on a reason. Nobody suddenly wakes up in the morning and decides to start a company without seeing some potential behind it. Why did they choose this sector? What problems are they trying to solve? What can they provide? And above all, how did the company go from being just an idea to the establishment it currently is? Aim to answer some of these questions in your company video.

Use your company video to flaunt how different or special your business is compared to the others. Often, companies would integrate their company video with a culture video because of the fact that adding faces and showing behind-the-scenes footage can greatly humanize and improve the connection between the company and the viewers. After all, a company is only as good as the people running it.

As a small business, you can actually take more risks than some of the bigger corporations. That’s because there is not much reputation that you can lose. This is a great opportunity as it will help you build your brand voice from the beginning. Gone are the days where a brand voice is not important. We live in the age where people also care about what the brands stand for and are doing for the environment and humanity as a whole.

Yes, there are a million different creative ways that you can go about with your company video. In fact, the more creative it is, the more your viewers will remember your brand. However, the most common ones are to crowdsource a short video and featuring your employees and compiling it into one, interview with some of your employees, or simply using some of the B-roll footage for the background as you describe your company. Remember, your company video doesn’t have to be perfect as a small business, but it has to make the viewers remember you.

Of course, the videos a small business can make are not limited to this list. It also depends on at which stage you are in your startup business. If you’ve only stepped into the industry for a few months, an introduction video such as your company video is beneficial to make the statement to the public and also your competitors. However, if your business has been running for quite some time, it wouldn’t make sense for this video anymore as your brand has already been established.

Not just that, although we have narrowed down the list to 3 of the most impactful videos for your small business, the quality of them still depends on you. You still need to put in the work to write the script or the storyboard in order to make it appealing to viewers for that conversion you are looking for.

In more cases than not, small businesses are better off outsourcing this project to a professional production firm as they already know what to look out for when planning these videos. If you’re a small business looking to grow your social media presence with a video that gives you the most bang for your buck, please do leave a message down below, and let’s talk!

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