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4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Professional Video

We can’t deny the fact that the COVID-19 is here to stay anymore. That means that the restaurant industry is not going to be the same ever anymore. The reason for that is because dining-in just became so much harder with new SOPs (standard of procedures) and our responsibility to not allow the virus to spread. Even with the vaccines that we have now, it will still take time.

With that, traditional restaurants that rely on walk-ins and word of mouth marketing are greatly suffering. There is just no way around it. What do you do if you’re in this situation? You adapt. You come up with different ways to keep the business alive during this tough period. You come up with different ways to attract new customers and conduct your business if you aren’t allowed traditional activities anymore.

Our solution? Technology. Maximize and leverage the power of technology to benefit yourself. How? Through a professional video that encapsulates what you can offer. Make the audience smell the food through their screens.

Here are a few insights:

  • 75 million people in the US watch videos online every day
  • 85% of millennials made a purchase after a marketing video

These are just some staggering numbers that show the reach of and leverage the power of video marketing. But why is video marketing more effective than any other channel?

Boost brand awareness

Video content can be comedic, emotional, inspirational, educational, or even instructive. It can be anything that you want it to be. Use a specific tone of voice with a certain style that distinguishes you from your competitors. The idea is that if you’ve done well, your brand will be recognized for this specific trait and what it stands for.

Not just that, Internet users nowadays are getting smarter. For those that like to plan for dates or dinners, they would very much appreciate the video content that you put out as opposed to only having the menu listed on your website. Seize this opportunity to showcase what your restaurant does best that no other restaurants can do and you’ll secure yourself with another client.

Increase engagement 

Research has shown that a third of all consumer activities on the Internet goes to video content watch time. Video content has proven to have far more clicks and engagement when compared with other formats of content such as text-based content. On top of the reach that video content has, the engagement is also greatly heightened. To reiterate, 85% of millennials made a purchase after a marketing video.

Over time of producing these videos, you’ll find that your audience will unavoidably grow. In other words, your brand would be in the minds of an even larger group of audience within the market. Only then you should start thinking about how to convert these audiences into loyal members who will actually generate you revenue.

Boost omnichannel presence

In the food and beverage industry, always go for quality over quantity. The biggest reason is that food is evergreen (at least most of them are) and that everybody salivates over good food. Nobody ever wakes up and claims that they would rather pick the less delicious meal.

Hence, if you can convey this message through your production, you will have content that will be shareable for a long period of time. Now imagine having 10 or 20 videos that have this same purpose. Now imagine having all these videos across all the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. The share button on these platforms is like a golden ticket for your brand to be on everybody’s screens. And truth be told, you only need one or two viral videos and you will hear your brand being whispered during water cooler talks.

The game of SEO

Essentially, SEO (Search engine optimization) is what will make your website become one of the top-ranked search results. To illustrate this, if you can perfect your SEO techniques, when your potential clients search for any terms that are related to your niche in the market, your website should be in the top few results shown. That said, what has it got to do with video production?

The answer is, again, because of the undeniable engagement of video content. When you add videos to your site, it will help your site rank better from an SEO perspective. The gamification of SEO is not easy, especially because it takes time and that it is a skill that needs to be built. But the rewards are always fruitful and ideally, you would want anything that can remotely help you win this battle.

Don’t ignore or delay building up your Internet presence any longer than you have to. It takes time and obviously doesn’t happen overnight. The longer you do it, the stronger your presence and brand name will be. This wave or the new form of digital marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and trust me, we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of it.

Being able to adapt to market trends or utilize the latest technology to your advantage is one of the most important skills to have in this era of fast-paced marketing. Let us, from Annaba Resources help you achieve that. We will help you to plan your production and editorial calendar to exponentially boost your audience engagement for years to come. Leave a message down at the bottom and we will be contacting you in the next few days! 

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