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4 Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness In The Digital Age

It is undeniable that building brand awareness is just as important as building the product/services itself. Developing a good product/service can mean nothing if the public is unaware of the existence of your business. Falling into the category of ignoring brand awareness is not a place you want to be.

Fortunately, there is already an abundance of strategies to grow a business’ brand awareness and each business can employ or customize it according to the business. However, you need to know the type of audience that you’re targeting and where to find them in order to market the brand effectively.

1. Create a brand personality

Your brand personality is how your audience perceives the brand. A tacit fact that follows this is the company’s reputation, values, attributes, strengths, purpose, and passion. Being consistent with your brand identity can often point niche clients to your business as your brand personality aims to separate your business when compared to other competitors. For instance, brands like Dollar Shave Club, dbrand, and Wendy’s have branded themselves as being irreverent and because of that, they are often recognized as comical and outrageous.

In just about any industry, creating unique ads or catchy campaigns inevitably leaves your audiences with a long-term impression. What will happen during these events is that your audience will remember your brand the way you portray it and if they resonate with the message, they are more than likely to share the content, which in turn will give your brand image a boost. Get your audience to think of you whenever that noun that is related to your brand is mentioned.

2. SEO Research

The myth that the majority of consumers don’t look past the first few pages of the search results is not a myth! It is indeed true. In fact, most Googlers don’t even go past the third page. Thus, it gives us even more reason to aim to be the first few search results on Google. And to achieve this, SEO will be the main tool that we need to master.

Researching SEO strategies and trends that are related to your industry can often boost your brand awareness, even if clients don’t click on your webpage. Having mastered this skill will put your company on a pedestal among the sea of competition. Alternatively, you can also use link building as the total number of referring domains linking to a page directly correlates to a higher SERP (Search engine results pages).

Furthermore, research has also shown that customers tend to trust the brands they often see much more than brands that they have never heard of. So if you play your cards right with the SEO techniques, your brand will get recognized more and more over time. And in the long-run, this investment will compound itself, and the returns that you will get surges exponentially.

3. Providing value

Providing value to your audience keeps them coming at a consistent basis. Start with upkeeping your blogs in order to keep your current audience engaged. In addition to just having consistency in outputting blog content, you would want to have blogs that give insights into your industry or company.

Give useful information to your audience so that not only your loyal audience come to your blog, but also search engines. Search engines now have intelligence that also takes into account how useful your article may be to your specific users. It may be challenging, but having the right goal in mind will allow loyal consumers to be attracted to your business.

As you build your audience through your blogging, a benefit that comes with is the ability to link some of your products and services for your recommendations. Be careful not to overdo it or else your audience will get the feeling that you’re just another salesman. Get them excited to come to your blog consistently and leave them feeling inspired.

4. Infographic

Infographics are the equivalent of memes on social media – they capture the attention of social media users and are easily shareable among friends. Because of this, it also has a higher potential to have a viral effect and reach more people. At its base form, an infographic is a content format in which you can share a lot of information in one post.

It is especially advantageous when you have large amounts of data that is very interesting but also don’t want to bore your readers to death. Not only that, infographics last. They have an extremely long shelf life when compared to other formats as they will stay relevant and shareable for the foreseeable future.

An infographic is 100% customizable so make it fit you. Make it fit your company and the message you want to push. You might either want it to teach a step-by-step lesson or use it to simplify a complex concept. Make it work for you to attract the type of audience you want. Trust me, you’ll look like an expert with infographics all over your social media.

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