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How to market a promotional video for your business?

Have you ever planned an event, acquired all the props, and prepared all the materials but forgot to actually invite guests? Probably not. And that is most probably because the invitation plays a major role in the success of it. The same goes for your video. There is no need to put the blame on the production skills if you haven’t taken the proper measures to distribute and promote your videos. 

4 reasons why your restaurant needs a professional video

We can’t deny the fact that the COVID-19 is here to stay anymore. That means that the restaurant industry is not going to be the same ever anymore. The reason for that is because dining-in just became so much harder with new SOPs (standard of procedures) and our responsibility to not allow the virus to spread. Even with the vaccines that we have now, it will still take time. 

With that, traditional restaurants that rely on walk-ins and word-of-mouth marketing are greatly suffering. 

What is core content? And why does it matter?

When you’re planning your editorial calendar, there are some things to really take note of. One of them is the type of content you’re putting out. Not all types of content are the same. Different types of content provide different values and leave readers with a different feeling. And on top of the pyramid for your business is core content. Core content is the type of content that connects directly to what your business can offer.

4 roles to fill at an event

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” Sounds so cheesy, doesn’t it? It’s so overused in every team-building event or catchphrase. But, the sentiment of these types of sayings remains true. The difference between a one-man show and a team is huge. The difference between an average team and a great team is just incomparable. This is especially highlighted when you plan an event. I know the saying “nothing is impossible”, but trying to pull off an event on your own is pretty damn close to an impossible task. 

Different types of corporate events and their differences

Corporate events can range from having over-preparing as a requirement to a relaxing day at the beach. When your entire company is working their butts off and burning the midnight oil to prepare for that product launch, you better have backup plans for your backup plans or else you’re going to be in big trouble if something unfortunate happens. Once that is over, there will often be a company retreat where you get to lay on the beach and bask in the glory.

4 event mistakes that you must avoid

Budgeting is no easy task for any event, big or small. There are possibly thousands of moving parts that can cost you money that you don’t even know about. If you’re not aware of them, they are possibly the items that are slowly chipping away your budget. Therefore, knowing where every last bit of your budget goes can greatly help you to minimize cost. Having a robust budgeting practice not only allows you to be rid of unnecessary expenses, but also increases your income, eliminates redundancies, and improve management practices. 

5 tips to budget for an event

Budgeting is no easy task for any event, big or small. There are possibly thousands of moving parts that can cost you money that you don’t even know about. If you’re not aware of them, they are possibly the items that are slowly chipping away your budget. Therefore, knowing where every last bit of your budget goes can greatly help you to minimize cost. Having a robust budgeting practice not only allows you to be rid of unnecessary expenses, but also increases your income, eliminates redundancies, and improve management practices. 

Complete guide to drawing a storyboard

A storyboard is like a map for your project. Whenever something goes wrong or that you stray too far away from the road, you go back to the storyboard. Think of storyboarding as more of a tool than a requirement. It’s a visual representation of a film sequence born from the scripts. It is a series of numbered drawings, with camera angles/directions, dialogue, and other details that might affect the shot.

A lot of imagination goes into storyboarding as the artist’s goals are to visualize the script into life form and figure out the best shots for it. Many film production teams use their storyboard as a planning tool because mistakes made on the storyboard are much less costly than a mistake during production.

What to look for when finding a venue for your event

Without a location, there is no event. It is arguably the most important thing in an event. Every little detail needs to be tailored around your venue. While planning and selecting a venue takes time, it can be a fun challenge for event planners. You get to see a number of different places that you wouldn’t go to usually and see the uniqueness that each of the venues offers. But before even beginning to do that, you must have an idea of what you want your event to look like and have a list of criteria that determines your “perfect” venue.

Pros and cons of a pre-recorded event

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-recorded events have been a popular alternative to conducting a virtual event rather than a live event. It is especially beneficial if you’re unable to deliver the event face to face. There are numerous things that may go wrong with a live event, such as going behind schedule, technical difficulties, and minimal room for failure. Good news! A pre-recorded event greatly shackles the impacts of these issues. A pre-recorded event gives you the benefit of allowing you to film and edit it beforehand before distributing the final product on the day of the event.

How to evaluate an event

As an event manager, your duty is focused on delivering the best event possible for your client. There is so much to do in so little time. So many moving parts that have to be coordinated in tandem. And so much to keep track of in hopes of not making the same mistakes again the next time. Tougher than most businesses, how does one determine whether or not an event was a success? 

As a matter of fact, there are actually two parts to evaluating an event. It starts before the planning of your event, the goal. 

4 pitfalls of an event

Organizing a successful event often boils down to a handful of skills: Being attentive to details, being imaginative/creative, and proper management. However, there are a variety of things that can cause huge disruptions to your event.
The truth is that it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are for your event, there will always be things that will go wrong. 
As an event manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the event is running as smoothly as possible. That essentially means actively solving the issues that surface while maintaining the ambiance of the place. 


What is content marketing?

Since the introduction of the internet, paid advertising has been a reliable strategy for businesses to gain exposure. It has helped businesses retain customers through its constant reminder, reduce customer churn, and also cart abandonment for e-commerce businesses.

However, those days are gone now. That strategy has already peaked and is currently on a downtrend due to market saturation. As of today, it is estimated that over 800 million devices have ad blockers on them, which also signifies trouble for brands who fundamentally rely on ads to reach customers. 

How to plan your video production using this 3 step process

Producing a video feels like a daunting task when there is less structure as there are many different aspects to a video production that needs to be taken care of. Hence the concept of a three-step process that breaks it down to systemize the process. The solutions such as media & entertainment software are built to assist companies with these three stages of pre-production, production, and post-production. With this model, companies will have a map that they can follow that gradually contributes to finishing a video.

How to make your videos look good when you’re on a budget

Producing a video can often be very costly, especially for small businesses that are rather cash strapped. Over the years, video-making equipment and tools have become cheaper and more accessible to the average marketer. However, not understanding what makes a video good can still injure the potential of your video. Ergo, fully maximizing the equipment that is available to you is a skill that every business owner needs to know.

Are these 3 things causing your events to fail?

You’re planning an event. You’ve put the time, effort, and expense into planning it. But there’s still that chance that everything can come crashing down with just the right catalyst at the right time. And all your hard work turns into smoke. That would suck, wouldn’t it? 

Instead of just hoping everything will go smoothly, have you thought ahead about how to prevent these pitfalls? Have you tried to imagine the things that could go wrong? Or better yet, have you tried to break your system and figure out the ways to overcome it so that there’ll be no surprises? 

A step-by-step process to master the art of script writing

Screenwriting, or scriptwriting is undeniably a formidable task in and of itself. It is the process of writing stories in the screenplay medium and entirely different as opposed to writing a novel or an essay. Scriptwriters not only need to articulate the story but also externalize the internal critically to tell the story visually.

We hope you find this step-by-step process useful when writing your own scripts.

3 pillars of a compelling corporate video script

Long before the filming even begins to roll, these videos have been carefully thought out. The question of the objective and the impact has all been outlined in the script. That Apple event, that TED Talk, that reality TV show, or even that YouTube video that you just watched are all scripted beforehand. Each of the characters has had their speeches prepared at the start. They already know what they are going to say and when they are going to say it. 

The beginner’s guide to event planning

Event planning can be hectic. Anything can go wrong at any time. And there is just so much to remember and keep track of all at the same time. Which calls for a framework to help keep the workflow smooth and focused. With a map of what needs to be done, you always have something to return to if you get lost. Think of it as a compass that guides you when you’re lost in the wilderness.

Each event is different, hence there is no one-size-fits-all event planning checklist. But, there are a small number of fundamental items that uphold an event.

5 editing software’s to try in 2021

Getting yourself a good editing software can make a tremendous difference to your end product. But how does one even start to pick the most appropriate one for themselves? It all depends on what you want to use it for and the level of you’re at. A corporation that wants to produce high-quality corporate videos may have different needs when compared to a casual YouTuber wanting to edit their vlog footage.
With that in mind, we wanted to share our thoughts on the best software in the market right now, each for a different market to suit your needs. 

Why is brand awareness important? 

Brand awareness is crucial for your customers to remain familiar with your brand. You want as many people as possible to consider your product or service whenever they want to purchase something. If your customers forget or don’t even know your products’ existence, there is absolutely 0 chance that they will make a purchase from you. In other words, merely having a market presence greatly increases the chance of closing a sale. 

4 tips that will skyrocket your brand awareness in the digital age

It is undeniable that building brand awareness is just as important as building the product/services itself. Developing a good product/service can mean nothing if the public is unaware of the existence of your business. Hence, increasing brand awareness should be a priority. Fortunately, there is already an abundance of strategies to grow a business’ brand awareness and each business can employ or customize it according to the business. However, you need to know the type of audience that you’re targeting and where to find them in order to market the brand effectively.

Common misconceptions about branding

In addition to building that revolutionary product or service, there is also the component of branding. Your company can be producing the best product in the world that can solve all of humanity’s problems, but if people don’t know that it exists, what’s the point then? Well, part of branding is about getting your brand out into the world and into the minds of the public. It is about ensuring that your brand is in one of their considerations when they want to purchase something. 

Do’s And Don’ts Of Script Writing

Writing a script is like building an entire world inside your head. You need tremendous amounts of creativity as it may contain the movements, actions, expressions, and dialogue of your characters during the shoot. Scriptwriters, also known as screenwriters, write for films, television shows, video game stories, and even online web series. The sole purpose of a scriptwriter is to ensure that your audience is entirely immersed in the world that you’ve created. 
It is undeniable that different scriptwriters have different styles of writing and each script has its own uniqueness to it. 

5 tips to write better scripts

A script is essentially made up of 3 things: Plot, dialogue, and the characters. This is just the backbone of the script. To top it, there is also the consideration of movements, actions, and expressions of the characters. 

Writing an entire screenplay/script can take any time from a few weeks up to months or years, depending on how detailed your script is. There are scriptwriters who prefer to improvise more than writing it down too. Here is a list of things that can be used to make your script more punchy. 


Challenges of writing a good screenplay

To be honest, starting a screenplay is probably one of the easier things in life we can do. We’ve all daydreamed and we’ve all fantasized about a different world. Well, write that down and you will find yourself in possession of a screenplay. But, there are only so few screenplays that have touched people’s hearts. And out of millions of screenplays, only a few of them actually made it to the big screen. In a screenplay, there are just so many things that could go wrong. Often, one simple mistake can cascade into a bigger obstacle that may seriously damage the overall presentation of your screenplay. A good screenplay has to be precisely crafted and has no holes in the plot. 

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