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How Important Are Testimonial Videos Really?

In 2021, our experience on the Internet has become an encompassing journey. Because of that, reviews have become a more and more crucial part of a business. Whether it is a B2B or a B2C client, they always want to have some sort of verification before making the purchase or going further with the process.

Happy customers are actually some of your best marketing resources you have at your disposal. Think about it, who can better convince potential customers than the current satisfied ones that say: “They are so good, you gotta try them.”

While capturing your satisfied customers’ experiences written down on your website or printed material and word-of-mouth is great.

A video testimonial outmatches those benefits with its format and allows you to fully leverage the length of which it can reach.

Videos are attention-grabbing, emotion-triggering, engaging, and easily shareable across platforms and devices. In fact, over 26% of video viewers went on to search for additional information that is related to the brand that is associated with the video. If you’re still not convinced yet, let me give you 4 more reasons.

Trigger emotions

No matter how much we want to believe that we are making decisions based solely on our rationale, the truth is emotions also play a huge part in it. In fact, emotions are actually the primary driver in the decision-making process. And nothing beats a well-produced video when it comes to invoking decisions in the viewers. Bringing out emotions from a few texts is one of the toughest things to achieve and it takes the audience a bit longer to read through the entire post than to watch a video. Most consumers nowadays just don’t have the patience to read and immerse themselves through some words.

Video, however, has a much more powerful element that captures the viewer’s hearts right from the get-go. Scientifically speaking, it all comes down to how our brains react. The brain is full of these things called mirror neurons and sparing you the boring scientific explanation, these mirror neurons basically make viewers feel the emotions in the video as if putting themselves in the shoes of the person in the video.

To illustrate this, when a customer is visibly grateful and has smiles all over their face, your potential will subconsciously put themselves in their shoes and consequently feel it too. However, the caveat here is that it has to be genuine because most viewers can detect acting or over-exaggeration of reactions in a heartbeat.

Higher retention rates

A commonly cited statistic showed that a 1-minute video has a retention rate of 77% while a blog only has an average of 20%. This itself should be a huge reason as to why you should use a video format.

There may be more than just a few reasons why videos boast a much higher retention rate, such as triggering emotions. However, we also cannot forget that we’re all searching for a good story. Our brains are particularly attuned to stories, and that’s what good testimonials videos provide. Good meaning the story is interesting, it is targeted at the benefits of your brand, visually appealing, and well-produced.

Higher engagement rates 

How many people do you think will choose a video over a text format that describes the same concept? Statistics say 69%. In most cases, this should be the end of this discussion. Because why work on or fight something that is against your favor? This same study has also noted that customer testimonials are something that the video-watching community finds helpful before making that purchase decision.

Consumers trust user-reviews much more than just the company itself claiming so. Even by complete strangers. But, keep in mind that being trustworthy is your #1 priority. Once you lose that trust, it is gone for a very very long time. Hence it’s crucial to always allow your satisfied customer and the ambiance in the filming space to be relaxed. Viewers are prepared to trust your brand. Just don’t give them any reason not to.

Not just that, using a living and breathing human in your testimonial video also humanizes the brand. By putting a human face, it takes away a lot of the intimidation of a corporation and injecting that space with emotions.

Increases exposure

Another humongous opportunity of having testimonial videos is the exposure it gives to your brand. Your online presence is one of the most crucial components in this digital age. And videos are one of your greatest tools to achieve this. That’s because it is easy to share and if executed well, it encourages users to do so. Combining this with the fact that videos are much more desired by online users, it makes it the best media to gain online attention.

On average, videos get clicked on twelve times more than texts or image posts. Hence our conclusion that if you want your content to gain social traction, a video is your best shot. I can assure you, that although there are already a ton of videos being shared online and across platforms, the numbers are still on the rise. Especially as the amount of video content increases and the production quality overall gets better.

Here are a few ways that videos can help you improve exposure:


  • By adding testimonial videos to your landing page, you immediately present to your potential client a more interesting way to validate your product instead of just words of promise. On top of that, these videos will also boost the SEO, making your brand much easier to be noticed by potential clients.

Social media

  • Videos on social media tend to be more visible and can reach a wider audience as opposed to only a certain platform. Subtly drop one of your testimonial videos on a Facebook group and watch as these Internet users search for your brand on search engines.


  • Surprisingly enough, even email marketing benefits from testimonial videos. Hubspot revealed that newsletter emails that have videos in them have 19% better chances of being opened and reduced the unsubscribing rate by 26%. These statistics are self-explanatory, don’t skimp on this.

Start now! 

At first, some brands may think that video content is just a fad that will eventually be buried under the classification of “fancy trends”. Not anymore. It is more of a necessity now more than ever due to the competition that you’ll be facing. There is just no better way to connect with your audience, expand your reach, and drive conversions than with videos. And one of the best types of videos to fulfill this task is a testimonial video.

Creating a testimonial is not that complicated. But creating a good testimonial video takes a greater investment in terms of time and effort than many other digital marketing strategies. That said, if you’re willing to spend this time and effort, your testimonial video will be one of your most valuable pieces of content to own.

Don’t be intimidated by this project.
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