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How To Market A Promotional Video For Your Business?

Have you ever planned an event, acquired all the props, and prepared all the materials but forgot to actually invite guests? Probably not. And that is most probably because the invitation plays a major role in the success of it. The same goes for your video. There is no need to put the blame on the production skills if you haven’t taken the proper measures to distribute and promote your videos.

In just about 20 years ago when we didn’t have a slab of technology in our pockets, media and access to information had a huge barrier to entry. But now, the Internet has become a necessity as opposed to merely a desire. Owing to that, the cost to access information has dwindled down to 0 and the problem to tackle has shifted from the cost to whether or not your video can capture the attention span of your desired audience.

But fret not, there are certain strategies that have proven to work in our digital age. Here are some of them. 

Content optimisation

Is there a specific channel that your video is mostly viewed on? What about the demographics like the age of your ideal audience, income group, or even their geography? The platform too. Watching a video on the silver screen can be very different from watching it from a desktop monitor. And a laptop screen from that slab of technology in pockets.

Take into account how you want your video to look on the ideal platform and tailor the production accordingly. Especially when it comes to lighting, noise conditions, and the audio because all of these can severely impact how much your audience enjoys your content. However, don’t over-optimise it to fit every single platform. That will either cost you a lot of money to have different versions of the same content or content that looks like they do not fit a specific platform. 

Engaging thumbnails

Creating your thumbnails is an art form in itself. The old adage of “You can’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply here because your competition is super duper tough. In truth, you only have less than a second before that potential viewer’s eyes glance over to something else. For example, if you’re a business owner making a promotional video for your bar or restaurant, the thumbnail may feature an image of your most appealing drink or dish.

A strong way to stand out from all the thumbnails on the Internet is by infusing a certain design element into every single one of your thumbnails. Don’t underestimate or ignore the power of a good and catchy thumbnail. Yes, it is yet another thing to think about, but it is an investment that will pay off in the long-term.

If you’re up for the challenge and have the foundation for this, try your best to insert a video thumbnail into your newsletter. The reason being that this group of people is already engaging with your brand when they give you their email addresses. It shows that they want to hear updates from you. Hence, you have all the reasons to promote your videos to this loyal group of audience. 

Run promoted video campaigns

I know this one is a tougher one because you have to actually pump some cash into this method in order to make it work. But it still won’t cost you an arm to promote your videos on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Youtube. The reason to do this is that the chances of you getting high visibility on your video organically are very slim.

The upside of promoting your videos using these platform’s algorithms is that you can target your ads and make them so much more efficient. You can get an insanely high amount of ROI and a huge surge of views with just a tiny budget if you understand how it works and optimise it.

A good way to make your budget go further is to specify the time-of-day to run the campaign and target an extremely niche audience. And don’t worry, these platforms have all the data to run this ad for you. However, keep in mind that if you over-target your audience, you can potentially rob yourself of the opportunity coming from some of the users that have interests in your product. So, determine that sweet spot and exploit that. 

SEO and shares

Never forget to do the SEO chore when you’re trying to promote anything online. It is tedious, and I completely understand how you feel. Give your video a title that is SEO-friendly and take care of the tags and meta-descriptions. Doing so might or might not direct traffic to your video. But not doing so definitely won’t direct any traffic at all to your video. You have to give your video every advantage it can get to come out of those search results after spending your time on the production side of it.

On top of the search engine optimization, you also want your video to be easily shareable. That means, make it as easy as possible for your audience to hit that share button. Nobody wants to go through a 5 step process just to share one video. Digital publications are masters of the share button. Any site you’re thinking of right now will have that big share button waiting for you to hit it. Your webpage shouldn’t be much different as well.

The point of all of this is that having an insanely good production is not enough. You have to help it, if not put rocket launchers on its back for your video to take off. When you consistently put your video out there, over and over and over again, to new and returning audiences, that’s when you’ll really see the benefits of video marketing.

Your brand awareness will grow, customers will start to think of you when they hear a certain term, your brand will appear first in search engines, customers will recognize your team, and your competitors will even reach out to collaborate as the respect grows. So don’t hesitate, but more importantly, don’t wait. Start your video promotion today!

Let us help you with this journey, from the production side of it, all the way to having potential clients reach out to you.

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