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Human Resources

At Annaba Resources we pride ourselves on being resourceful. Be it with our crew for production, supporting technicians in post-production, or the engineering of an event itself. If you have an idea, we can certainly look into ways of executing it. Providing entertainers for your event, actors for your show, and presenting supporting talents are just surface examples of the lengths we go to when supplying quality human resources for our clients.

Through our partnerships and extensive databases, we have created a comprehensive list of human resources ready at our disposal. Below is a list of just some of the human resources we can supply you with.


Having an emcee at your next event can ad elements of excitement, structure, and professionalism. We have a variety of emcee’s available for our clients. For more information on why your event needs a host, check out our article how to choose an Emcee for an event.

Contact us below to book an emcee for your next event.


Models are a necessity in showcasing products and services through professional photoshoots. We have an extensive database of models of all types, ready to be utilised for productions and shoots.


A good actor can make or break a production. Our database consists of the highest quality actors and actresses ready to be a part of your next project. Contact us below to enquire about what service we can offer you today.

Makeup artists

Natural beauty and good character win, but for ‘on camera’, you might want to consider hiring a makeup artist.

Individuals with at least a minimal touch-up tend to perform better in front of the camera, carry themselves more confidently, and feel prettier, as they are closely taken care of by a professional who monitors them on camera and off camera.

Makeup artists can also help highlight more prominent features and camouflage some blemishes that show under the lights during an event or production.


Our stylists use clothes to communicate. Need your talents or models dressed for the big occasion or production? We have a range of talented stylists who have high attention to detail. Contact us below to find out how to hire a stylist for your next photo shoot or production.


Adding entertainment to an event is like adding salt to your food. If you run an event, your attendees expect to be entertained. A youthful DJ for your concert, a jazz band to accompany your corporate dinner, or a clown for a birthday party. Let us source your next events entertainment.


At Annaba Resources we believe that there is talent inside each and everyone of us. We enjoy receiving new talents, seeing their abilities and working out a way to help them extract their talent/s freely and openly.

Whether you need a speaker for your corporate video, a voice-over specialist for your advertisement, or a cast for your tv drama series, we present our clients with talents of the highest calibre and from all walks of life. We dress them up, cast them, train them (if need be), and film them.

Need a large number of extras for your event or video shoot? We can supply that too. Just let us know the requirements prior to the project commencing. You can contact us below to book your talent needs today.

Ready to book Talents for your next production?

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Need a space to create?

The Annaba Resources studio is open for business! The main studio consists of an interchangeable backdrop, where our clients can choose from a plethora of sizes and coloured options. Not only do we set up for you, but we also provide optional assistance for all clients, with audiovisual, and equipment packages available as well.

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