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Top 5 Virtual Event Platforms To Try In 2021

If you’ve been going on that thing called the Internet anytime this past year, chances are that you’ve seen some advertisement that is promoting a virtual event. It could be conferences, summits, webinars, concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, launch events, the list goes on. It is endless as companies realize the reach they can get through online events as opposed to in-person events. Don’t get me wrong, there are still events that are much more fun, energetic, and satisfying in-person, but virtual events are not going anywhere anytime soon except to more netizen’s screens.

And to reach those screens is what virtual event platforms are built for.

A virtual event allows organisers to recreate the vibe of an in-person event as best as they could using the tools on the platform. Different platforms focus on different aspects of an event and the ways to engage the audiences, such as waiting rooms, polls, Q&A, lounge, networking hall, and more. Figuring out what your event is all about and wants to pivot on is basal, the platform comes latter.

Here are the 5 top platforms that we would recommend. 

Big Marker

Big Marker is one of the easiest platforms to use that also includes all the features you need on a virtual event platform. It can handle both a small webinar training session with your team and a giant conference with 1,000 people.

The biggest benefit that this platform offers is that it is fully customizable. It combines powerful video technology with marketing integration and allows organisers to build an interactive experience for unique branded events. This is also why some major companies like McDonald’s and Panasonic choose this platform.

Because of that customizable feature, Big Marker makes it an exceptional choice when you’re looking to increase brand awareness. It includes email marketing functionality, which allows you to track down new leads. On top of that, it is also browser-based. This means that attendees won’t have to go through all the fuss of downloading yet another software just for the event.


GoToWebinar is most commonly used for its functionality and the simplicity of it to set up a webinar. Not just that, it can seamlessly switch speaker controls back and forth while adding in interactive tools like polls.

Another thing to mention is that GoToWebinar is not your average virtual event platform, it allows you to host a full-blown summit/conference for up to 2,000 attendees! On top of this is also a built-in marketing system called GoToStage, which is a feed that allows organisers to promote their events to an even larger audience.

Not just that, GoToWebinar also provides you with detailed analytics about your event once you’re done with it. However, because of all these advanced features from the platform, there will be a learning curve and just a tad less user-friendly compared to BigMarker.


Hopin commonly boasts its ability to initiate interaction with the audience. It has webinar chat and polls, interactive “expo/network areas”, customizable, and flexible. If you think GoToWebinar’s 2,000 attendees is impressive, Hopin can hold up to 100,000 attendees at a time! Arguably one of your best choices if you’re running a huge conference or one that is open to the public.

The interface of this platform is rather intuitive and don’t need a lot of prior experience. On top of that, their customer service is much more reliable than other platforms on this list, so it tends to give the user more confidence while operating it. Even then, because of how established this platform is, they have also provided a quick orientation video for first-time users and attendees.

Even then, because of how established this platform is, they have also provided a quick orientation video for first-time users and attendees.


Accelevents is built on the premise of allowing attendees to build relationships and make connections.

The sophisticated AI algorithm ensures that your attendees have the ability and ease to build lasting professional relationships, have impromptu speed dating, discussion group, watch parties, fireside chats, or any informal Q&A.

We would consider Accelevents as a hybrid platform because it empowers both event organisers and marketing professionals for their own purposes. Some of its most commonly used events are summits, fundraisers, educational seminars, community networking, team building events, and festivals. Not just that, there is also a full suite of analysis tools for your after-event assessment.


SpotMe is a rather different and versatile platform that offers both live and on-demand events. One of the most unique features of SpotMe is the breakout session and the two-way communication between attendees and event staff. Furthermore, they also differentiate themselves by delivering a branded experience on a PC and an app and social media like feed.

SpotMe even provides the services to assist their users from speaker orientation, live video production, to designing assistance and building campaigns. Just like having event personnel in live events. Both attendees and the organisers have reported that SpotMe is the best when it comes to wanting a premium experience. Virtual events have become a lot more popular over the past year due to the number of nationwide lockdowns throughout the world. And thanks to that, we have seen an exponential increase of good virtual event platforms within this space. It has once again allowed business to collaborate, connect with their audiences, and share information.

Thinking about hosting your own virtual event?

Well, now you know what to actually look for in these platforms and how to use them to your benefit. Drop us a message if you need help organising your virtual event and our team of professional consultants will get back to you as early as they can!

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