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Using A Video To Showcase Your Company Culture

Now more than ever, people give more and more attention to the values behind the companies they buy from. They want to know if the companies that they are buying from or supporting are doing their part in bettering society. Company culture serves this purpose as the people in the company make the company. It will say a lot about what the company actually stands for.

A culture video can range from a vacation video to a formal recruiting video. Because of that, there will also be a range of benefits that comes with it. For example, increased team morale, improved brand loyalty, higher-quality recruits, and even expanding the audience base.

This is most commonly regarded as brand affinity, where the values of the consumers are aligned with the values of the brand. Thus, by being vulnerable to your audience and showing what your brand actually stands for, you’ll get the type of consumers who want to do business with you because they like you, not because they have no other choice. And a video is a fantastic way to showcase that.

Where to market it? 

Not every channel is suitable to distribute your culture videos. Not just that, there are certain channels that can magnify the effects of the video.


Your website is the most important place to post your culture videos. The first reason being it a representative of your brand. However, you also need to have it posted in the right section of your website depending on the aim of the video.

To illustrate, if you are planning to use this video to attract the right group of candidates to your firm and apply for the vacancies, it will make more sense to have it on the recruitment page rather than the homepage. The “careers” page.

Vice versa, if you’re trying to promote your CSR (corporate social responsibility), it will make more sense to have this video blasted throughout your social pages. The “about us” page.

Social media

Social media allows you to target specific markets with just about anything you want to push with the data the platform has collected over the years. You can even utilize the paid ads feature to push it through all the noise on the platform.

Additionally, you want to also select the best platform to aggressively push it. A recruitment video, for example, will do best on LinkedIn and the ones with a more informal tone will do better on platforms like Instagram.


Your email is the place that consists of some of your most loyal customers. The fact that these people willingly gave you their emails means that they are the group that is most curious about your brand and what you stand for. Even for those customers who are not really sold on your brand yet, a company culture video can be the determining factor as it pushes the idea of brand affinity. You may be faced with a few unsubscribers but you will also strengthen the bond with your best customers, which greatly outweighs the risks.

Things to Focus on

Defining the company

Your company is more than just the balance sheet at the end of a quarter or year. Your company is also your brand. A brand has a personality and a voice. It also stands for something and has a goal to achieve. Figuring all of these out can be tricky, but let’s break this down into simpler components.


Every company should be founded on a purpose. This purpose is your mission, which should be clear and concise as it will be the main thing that guides all your decisions that follows.


This vision is a statement that is an image of what the world will be like with your company’s influence. Many companies mix their mission and vision statements together into one mission statement. Having a clear mission and vision statement will also help you attract the best kind of employee you can find as these employees have a clear picture of what they are working towards.


Your brand value is a set of behaviour that your brand will live by. That means all your actions and employees will also be conducting their daily operations in reference to these values.

Building a personality

Showing your personality is similar to showing what is unique with your company and focusing on it. It doesn’t have to look overly polished because a few mistakes here and there will humanize your brand. Some companies would even intentionally make these human mistakes just to be relatable with the regular public.


Humour is one of the quickest ways to break down the walls and build a bridge to your audience. However, you have to pay extra attention because the types of jokes you make say a lot about what your brand stands for. Embrace what feels right and share those industry memes that put a smile on your audience’s faces.


You should always be honest and sincere about your company culture video. Never hire actors to replace your employees because you only need one person to find out that your company isn’t sincere to lose all the trust you’ve built over the years. Don’t worry about how your employees act in front of the camera. Awkwardness is real. Stuttering is real. Messing up the lines is real. Your audience appreciates that more than you might think.

Go another level above this and build your script based on what your employees really think about the company. Make sure the tone of your employees matches the purpose of the video as well. That authenticity will transcend through the cameras to the screens of your viewers.

A creative approach

Let’s be honest, nowadays, a lot of company culture videos are just boring. You need an interesting way to tell your audience your brand values. A few questions to ask yourself is to ask as many “why” questions as possible. “Why are you doing what you’re doing?” “Why should anybody give you their money?” and “Why should anybody care?”

Piece together a story that covers all of the most important questions to your brand. An important thing to keep in mind is to get rid of the mentality of trying to “sell” something. A company culture video is never meant to sell anything. It is meant to showcase what your entire company is all about.

A company culture video is one of the best ways to humanize your brand instead of appearing like a corporate that intimidates the average Joe. It makes your company much more approachable. From another perspective, your employee will also be more motivated as they understand what they are working for and the value of it.

The trick is to make your brand different from all the other brands out there trying to capture market share. Use these tips to build that company culture video that your audience will believe. There is a lot of planning needed for a short video. Let us, at Annaba Resources help you with this process and take some of the load off your shoulders. Leave us a message down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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