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Video Production

The production of a video is an art in itself. At Annaba Resources we have in our arsenal only the most talented directors, whose attention to detail and client communication lead to the delivery of high-quality video content. We take your idea, and mold it into a visual reality. Together as a team, we have successfully produced hundreds of video productions throughout Malaysia, for both local and international clients. We aim to bring quality visual content to those who want to boost their brands image and overall traffic, irrespective of industry.

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The video production process in its simplest form consists of three stages: the pre-production, the production phase, and post-production. These are discussed in more detail below.

We believe it’s important to communicate with the client concurrently throughout the process to ensure we can deliver the highest quality video content possible.


During the initial brainstorming session with our clients, we discuss the purpose of the video, the structure, the feeling, and the tone of the material. Ensuring the final product matches the overall brand strategy.  In a simple layout, the pre-production phase often includes the following:

  • Setting goals
  • Budgeting
  • Video scope
  • Story selection
  • Storyboards
  • Project timeline creation
  • Script creation
  • Talents and character selection
  • Production team
  • Equipment selection
  • Location scouting

Production phase

Now that all the dots are connected, It’s time for the producers to breathe life into the project. With the right pieces of equipment, the right atmosphere, and the talents onset, the directors capture the required shots which have been predetermined and discussed. In short, we bring your idea to life.


Once the production is done, and the footage reviewed, our team of editors start the post-production process. Through mapping each piece of the story, the visual material comes to life. Before signing off on the finished product, we contact our client and amend anything that needs changing, whether it’s the choice of background music or the animation. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver each client a high-quality and unique piece of work.

Recent productions

Need a space to create?

The Annaba Resources studio is open for business! The main studio consists of an interchangeable backdrop, where our clients can choose from a plethora of sizes and coloured options. Not only do we set up for you, but we also provide optional assistance for all clients, with audiovisual, and equipment packages available as well.

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