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What To Look For When Finding A Venue For Your Event

Without a location, there is no event. It is arguably the most important thing in an event. Every little detail needs to be tailored around your venue. While planning and selecting a venue takes time, it can be a fun challenge for event planners. You get to see a number of different places that you wouldn’t go to usually and see the uniqueness that each of the venues offers.

But before even beginning to do that, you must have an idea of what you want your event to look like and have a list of criteria that determines your “perfect” venue. There are numerous factors that you need to consider when choosing a venue and it needs to be focused on something that you want to achieve.

Here is a checklist that will help guide your selection process:


When managing an event, everything goes back to the cost. It goes back to the question of whether or not you are able to afford this certain thing. Similarly, you cannot run from the cost of selecting a venue. Set your budget ahead of time and factor in other expenses so that you get a rough idea of the type of venue you can afford.

Don’t cheap out on your venue as well. That is because it is the visual embodiment of what you are capable of. The type of venue, the location, and the decor (both interior and exterior) are often the items that affect the mood of the event the most.

Get a nice, clean, and cosy place and your attendees will feel comfortable; Get an extremely spacious venue like a warehouse and your attendees will feel free.

Capacity and minimums


  • The capacity of your event considers the venue and your team. This can be regarded as the breaking point of your event because anything above this limit means that your event is at great risk of failure.
  • Cramping 500 people into a venue that only holds 300 people will severely affect your event in terms of the guest experience. Not only that, there are fire and safety protocols that you need to adhere to when organizing such events.

F&B minimums

  • Similar to capacity, this requires you to estimate the number of attendees for your event as best as you can. The food and beverage you serve to your attendees are like fuel to their energy. You can’t just not feed them and expect them to have the energy to continue on.
  • Not just that, also don’t cut back on the quality of food. Make the food pretty and “Instagrammable” and you’ll get yourself free advertising. So why not?

Services / Amenities / Technology

First and foremost, the most important thing in a millennial’s life: WiFi. Does your venue provide a good WiFi connection? If not, what are the ways that you can get that in? A good WiFi connection is absolutely critical for both communicating among your crew members and marketing purposes.

Depending on the purpose of your event, the technology available is also a crucial concern that cannot be ignored. For instance, if you’re having a conference, you will most likely need a functioning projector or screen for the presentation. If it’s a concert event that you’re planning, then the audio and lighting equipment ought to be top-notch.

On top of these items, don’t forget to think about it at the basic level. Does the venue provide the tables and chairs that you need? Is it enough? Does your venue provide a set-up or a clean-up crew? These “services aren’t always available, but when it is, make full use of it.

Date and Season

This one is a bit unconventional, but hear me out.

There are several factors that can affect your preferred date. A huge part of this goes to the weather. Although we can’t control it, we roughly know that it will be cold during the winter and warm during the summer. So with that, and the intention of not wanting our attendees to freeze to death, it is better to select an indoor venue with functioning insulation during winter. During summer, we, however, don’t want our attendees to be cooked alive, hence opting for an event that has good ventilation and cooling systems is recommended.

Another thing that you need to consider is at what time of the year are you hosting this event? For example, if you’re planning to have your event close to Christmas or New Year’s, there is a very high chance that the place will already be booked. Not only that certain location but also other locations as well due to the fact that it is a “peak-season”.

When searching for a venue, always visit and scout the entire location first. Take note of every single thing that is offered by the venue providers, crosscheck that with the list of things you need for your event.

Getting your “perfect venue” is by no means limited to the items above. But, these are the main criteria to look out for and the nitty-gritty comes after.

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