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Why You Should Focus On Virtual Events

I’m quite certain that at this point, you’re aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted most industries. Some more severe than others. Well, the events industry certainly did not escape this wave. But luckily for us, the Internet is already a developed enough technology that we can optimize in order to keep the wheels of society spinning. Event planners recognize this fact as well, hence the proliferation of virtual events over the past few months.

This is not to say that virtual events have completely replaced gathering around fancy cocktails at the end of a long conference, but this is definitely an inflection point in history where the market has become a hybrid where virtual and live events will coexist. Even co-integrated in the near future. If you’re an event planner, don’t worry, your industry is still very much needed as it touches literally every sector – music and festivals, sports, and corporate events.

Even before the pandemic broke out, organisers have been increasingly willing to invest in creating virtual events. Instead of the old-fashioned webinars, platforms now have integrated features like video one-on-one, breakout room, round tables, and even pools.

The most impactful virtual event is not just an event. It is an event, an experience, and a media experience. Companies who amalgamates all three of these will have mastered every piece of equipment and technology that is available to them.

However, trying to perfect a virtual event also comes with its own set of challenges such as having a proper content strategy, engagement opportunities, exclusive benefits, and even security issues. With that and the fact that this method is rather new, there are many organisers who are shy to take this next leap. We are here to tell you that this needn’t be the case, because what’s waiting for you on the other side of it may be a solution to many of your problems in this era of pandemic and why you should start focusing more of your time on virtual events.

Benefits of virtual events: 

Increased attendance

While your event might be limited to a maximum number of attendees depending on the bandwidth, you are not tied to a geographical location anymore. Attendees that are living in the UK can just flip open their laptops and be in an event hosted from Japan. This translates to the fact that your market is not just your town, state, country, or even continent anymore, it is the entire population that has access to the Internet.

Not just your audience but also, your speakers and presenters. You can save on their travel cost now because they can either record their presentation beforehand or just stream live from their home. This cost can then also be used to search for even more leaders of the industry and attract an even larger group of audience.

Virtual event technology

Not just the old school webinars and social media live streaming, we’re talking about cyberpunk-like technologies: Holographics, virtual reality, artificial reality, simulated conferences, and more. Corporations like Microsoft and Facebook are currently in the midst of developing some of their proprietary technology that will change how we interact with the digital world.

If you’re thinking that there is still a tremendous difference between a virtual event vs a live event, you’re in for a surprise!

For instance, virtual conferences now not only have multiple session rooms to visit, but they also have a virtual lounge and virtual booths that simulate the ones found in live events. Tech companies like OnePlus used artificial reality technology to simulate a life-sized phone in front of you. The list goes on about how companies creatively use this technology.

So if you ask me, I wouldn’t even be surprised if 90% of the events industry shifts to organising virtual events because this way, guests can attend the event without the added health risks.

Increased focus on attendee experience

Yes, the attendee experience has been one of the most prominent things to be considered during the planning of an event. But, I will argue that it is even more so when it comes to virtual events. One of the key reasons attributes to allowing attendees to join the event in a way they’re most comfortable with. My prediction is that even when live events make a comeback, there will be some people who choose not to simply not be in a crowded place for quite a while.

Admittedly, I was quite happy to see some of the events move to an online format for the past year. These are events such as concerts, conferences, or product launch events. But due to the pandemic, these companies have used technologies to run their events online. Because of that, some of these events have actually seen double or triple their typical attendee count for live events.

Although it is true that the ambiance between a live concert and one that you watch from home greatly differs, there will still be some people who prefer the comforts of their home. Hence, it won’t be surprising if both of these options are available at the same time to skyrocket the attendee numbers.

Virtual events are only getting better as we speak. It certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will likely continue to play a part in event strategies. The idea that virtual events can drive the number of attendees is catching on as companies realize the potential of it. Not just that, the notion that meetings, conferences, and events can be conducted through an online platform stays in the minds of the public.

The world has changed, and it will keep spinning with or without us. The only thing left to do is to adapt.

Let our professional consultants help you with this process and guide you along the way. You don’t have to venture into this territory alone! Drop us a message at the bottom and we will get back to you the soonest we can!

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